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Black Bear Creek Antiques Clayton GA

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Dennis is a partner here at North Georgia Mountains Online. He also owns and operates a marketing / consulting company - Inbound Solutions Group. He is married to Terri and they live smack dab in the middle of the mountains in Blairsville.

October 31, 2020

Nestled in the beautiful north Georgia mountains, Black Bear Creek Antiques offers a unique experience for antique shoppers. Choose from our fine collection of…

  • Vintage Advertising
  • Mountain Home Furnishings & Décor
  • Rare Books, Collectibles and Curiosities
  • Vintage Hunting and Fishing Gear
  • Period Prop Rental for Television & Film
  • Works by Georgia Artists
  • Consignments Sought and Sold
  • We Buy Estates!

Our website is designed more to evoke a feeling and give you a sense of what we are about, rather than to sell you something. In fact, you’ll notice that there’s no way to purchase directly from these pages. While we welcome phone or e-mail inquiries about purchasing anything you see here, I truly believe that the best antique shopping experience is one that allows you to touch and feel and reminisce, while surrounded by things of bygone days. This is an experience that only visiting our store can provide, and that’s what we hope you will do!

To that end, our Website will show you a few choice items that are representative of the unique, quality antiques and artist’s works we offer, and tell you a bit about ourselves and our store along the way. In doing so, we hope you are enticed to give us a call and come by for a visit, and while here, take some time to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the North Georgia Mountains.

To get started, I’d suggest you begin in Our Showroom. And when you finish touring our site, make sure to experience the Virtual Tour!

Visit the website here

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