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Woodbridge Inn Jasper GA

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February 17, 2021

In 1849 after making his fortune in the California Gold Rush, Ed Lenning built a boarding house for travelers arriving by stage coach. In response to the arrival of the Marietta and North Georgia Railroad, he built a larger boarding house, now Woodbridge Inn. The Lenning Hotel remained in the family for 96 years and was renamed Jasper Hotel during some of this time.

For many of its years, the inn was a getaway for Atlantans, Floridians, and others seeking to escape the summer heat. In 1976, the property was purchased by Joe Rueffert who had escaped from East Germany, and his family lived in the upstairs rooms of the inn, continuing the family-run tradition for another 43 years. In 2020, the inn reopened after a brief closure.

Woodbridge Inn is situated on three acres with a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge mountains. The complex consists of six rooms for rent in the inn above the restaurant, and another twelve in the adjacent lodge. It is a landmark culinary destination offering lodging, dining, and special events.

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