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The Blue Bicycle Dawsonville GA

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November 4, 2020

In 2005, we took a leap of faith and opened our doors.  And here we are; a chef owned and operated 68 seat restaurant in an unpretentious setting. We are not a place to rush in, feed face, and hurry back to the rat race.  We are a place to relax, reflect, and rejoice in the company of your favorite dining companions.

Bistro-  A small restaurant serving moderately priced, simple meals in a modest setting… Yup, that’s us!

A Little About Chef Guy

Chef Guy’s culinary start comes from helping his mom at the kitchen stove.   If he is in the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up, he’s home.  Hospitality was not his first gig, and while toiling in the business world, he always threw the best dinner parties.

He left that business world behind to start at the very bottom of an old Atlanta landmarkThe Abbey—and never looked back.

He cut his teeth in the private dining club setting where versatility was key, and the French basics help balance the flavors of every dish.  Local farmers can come calling and find his kitchen door open to whatever they have to offer, and his values are seeded deep with responsible sourcing.

When not in the kitchen, you’ll probably see him pedaling his black bicycle to or from work; the blue one rests in the dining room.

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